The Road to Beaver Fever 2017 Begins...

Late April to Early May was a whirlwind of Flat Track Action as three tournaments took centre stage and saw a variety of teams come together.

Beast of The East 2017 took centre stage once again as Home Teams from Ontario, Quebec and this year the East Coast came together for an exciting weekend of action April 28th-30th. The Weekend also saw some great action as Team Canada showcased their skaters in a bout with Montreal's Mont Royals Men's Derby. Overall a great weekend of action with some suprising wins, and a great performance from TORD's Chicks Ahoy! and a tournament victory for La Racaille as the became the first team to repeat a championship win at Beast.

On the heels of Beast 2017 came Winter Wipeout 2017 hosted by Wellington Roller Derby. This tournament is becoming a regular event in Ontario and featured teams from all over Ontario. Belleville, Northumberland, Royal City, Renegade Derby Dames, Durham Region, Tri-City, Los Conos, Sarnia, Peterborough and Highland Dames all came together in two arena in Mount Forest for a day of intense action. Durham Region's Atom Smashers were on the verge of repeating their Championship win once again but lost their championship bout to Royal City's Killer Queens. All teams put in great performances this year.


Finally Royal City Roller Girls hosted their first Royal Brawl Invitational. The tournament saw Winnipeg, Rideau Valley, Tri-City, Capital City and host league Royal City all come together at the Centennial Arena in Guelph for action that will as a result affect the various leagues upcoming WFTDA Rankings.

All this plus a peppering of regular flat track action sets the stage for the upcoming Beaver Fever 2017 Tournament. A tournament that arguably has become a showcase of some of the most intense action next to the WFTDA Divisional Playoffs in the fall. As all eyes begin to turn towards this tournament more Home Season Openers continue to make their debut to round out the 2017 Flat Track Season.


Derby Fever is alive and well this year and 2017 shows no signs of slowing down.


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La Racaille Becomes First Team to Repeat at Beast 10

There’s just something about the Beast of the East.

With the flat track roller derby community on the eve of its biggest regular season weekend of the year—where dozens of the best men’s and women’s flat track teams in the game will converge upon Eugene, Oregon, for three days of brutal WFTDA and MRDA action over three tracks—it seems remarkable that in the day and age of competitive algorithms and opponent weight, a comparatively modest house league tournament in a similarly modest neighbourhood rink in Montreal has captured the hearts of so many. And the fact that it continues to do so year after year is a testament to the importance of the grass roots movement at the heart of modern roller derby.

Celebrating its tenth year, the Beast of the East—a two-day double elimination tournament featuring home teams primarily from Quebec and Ontario—has over the years developed its own mythology. The longest continuously running tournament in Canada’s modern roller derby revival, the event has weaved its way into the very genetics of the sport in eastern Canada. And this year, for the first time since 2012, the tournament was reopened to teams from Canada’s east coast, and the Muddy River and Anchor City Rollers represented the region well.

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Canadian Top Ten
Week of May 21st-27th, 2017

1.Montreal Roller Derby902.3
1.Montreal Roller Derby926.5
2.Terminal City Rollergirls869.6
3.Calgary Roller Derby Asso...795.4
4.Orangeville Roller Girls781.0
5.E-Ville Roller Derby775.7
6.Les Sexpos758.3
7.Royal City Roller Girls757.1
8.Rideau Valley Roller Derb...754.0
9.Capital City Derby Dolls749.9
10.Roller Derby Quebec735.9

MRDA Top Ten
Week of May 21st-27th, 2017

1.Saint Louis GateKeepers1005.1
2.Bridgetown Roller Derby994.6
3.Your Mom Men's Roller Der...983.2
4.Southern Discomfort Rolle...960.4
5.Texas Men's Roller Derby926.8
6.Puget Sound Outcast Derby915.2
7.New York Shock Exchange897.5
8.San Diego Aftershocks893.1
9.The Vancouver Murder881.0
10.Magic City Misfits880.3

Upcoming Coverage

  • Our next coverage takes to our home in Guelph as we meet up with Royal City Roller Girl's Home Home Season Opener. Followed on Sunday by Durham Region's Home Season Opener. See you track side!