Home Season Starters Mark Spring Flat Track action

April seems to be the month of Home Season Openers as more teams return to action on their Home Tracks.

Already this season TORD, ORG and Forest City have seen their leagues return to action and the trend of WFTDA teams continues with Renegade Derby Dames returning to action April 1st followed by Tri-City Roller Derby hot on their heels April 8th. After a quiet April 15th that will see Forest City travel to Ohio, Home Season action returns as Grey Bruce opens their season April 22nd.

But Home Season Openers are just a warm-up to what lies ahead in late April and Early to Mid-May as three tournaments set to make their marks this season. April 28th-April 30th will see Beast of The East return once agin to Montreal. On the heels of Beast of The East comes Winter Wipeout 2017 hosted by Wellington Roller Derby, with Hammer City's Home Season Opener adding to the dynamic of the weekend of May 6th. Capping off the trilogy of tournaments will be Royal City Roller Girls WFTDA Invitational Tournament happening May 12-13th.


For the flat track Spring Season this year it truly came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion.


  • Derby Wrap-Up

    Here is your Derby Wrap-up for the week of April 2nd-8th, 2017. West Coast Flat Track Action continues as EVRD or EOD were in action....

  • Canadian Flat Track Rankings

    Here are you Cross Canada Stats as recorded by Flat Track Stats. The Top Ten remained unchanged from this past weekend's action....

  • MRDA Standings

    There were no changes in the Men's Rankings for the Canadian Teams. All Canadian Teams remain the same...

Inside Jammer Line Magazine

2010 All Over Again: Montreal Adapts and Pulls Away From Canadian Crowd

It was supposed to be a rebuilding year. Seven core members of Montreal’s New Skids on the Block had retired in the off-season after yet another playoff heartbreak. It was supposed to be the year when their nearest Canadian rivals—namely Terminal City and Toronto—surpassed them, swallowed them up and left them behind. It was supposed to be the least competitive year for Montreal Roller Derby since 2009.

Instead, the Skids put in the best performance in Canadian WFTDA playoff history (finishing 4th in their Division after a tough loss to Minnesota in the 3rd place game for a shot to advance to the championship tournament) and finished the season 15th in the WFTDA, eight spots higher than their next Canadian opponent (Terminal City). This was Montreal’s highest ranking since April 2014 and tied for the team’s highest end-of-season ranking of all time in 2013—the year they climbed as high as 8th in the Association.

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Canadian Top Ten

1.Montreal Roller Derby902.9
2.Terminal City Rollergirls886.0
3.Orangeville Roller Girls811.4
4.Calgary Roller Derby Asso...801.2
5.E-Ville Roller Derby775.7
6.Les Sexpos760.3
7.Capital City Derby Dolls759.3
8.Tri-City Roller Derby747.6
9.Roller Derby Quebec743.9
10.Winnipeg Roller Derby Lea...743.9

MRDA Top Ten

1.Saint Louis GateKeepers1008.5
2.Your Mom Men's Roller Der...983.2
3.Southern Discomfort Rolle...960.4
4.Bridgetown Roller Derby956.5
5.San Diego Aftershocks951.1
6.Texas Men's Roller Derby926.8
7.Puget Sound Outcast Derby890.3
8.Magic City Misfits880.3
9.The Vancouver Murder876.9
10.Tyne & Fear Roller Derby853.0

Upcoming Coverage

  • Our next coverage takes us to New Hamburg, Ontario meet up with Tri-City Roller Derby for their 2017 Home Season Opener. See you track side!